Wedding Budgets

Plan for the Reception When Considering Your Wedding Budget A typical wedding with fifty guests can cost about $15,000 and that when it has been budgeted. Fifty percent of your wedding costs will be invested in the reception. Receptions are where the couple cut their cake, take their first dance and generally celebrate their nuptials.... Continue Reading →


Creative Wedding Ideas

Centerpieces on a budget A wedding centerpiece makes the table. It costs a pretty penny to include an elaborate floral display for each table however, especially if you're having a large wedding. How can you get around the cost and still have a stunning display? Instead of visiting the florist, try this: visit your local... Continue Reading →

Wedding Clipart: Wedding Celebration

You might need some clipart to make your own wedding stationery. Here is a free wedding clipart for your usage. You would put it on your wedding website, or print it out as a wedding invitation. Download the high-resolution free clipart file (1100×700pixel) To use it as wedding invitation, you would simply put it into... Continue Reading →

Auspicious Wedding dates 2011

You may probably know that Chinese people usually choose an ausipicious date for the wedding. Choosing a good date for marriage will bring fortune and luck to both the couples and the two families involved. As a result, choosing the date becomes a very important issue. 2011 is the year of rabbit in the Chinese... Continue Reading →

2010 Auspicious Wedding Dates

It’s already the start of the second quarter of the year 2009. For many couples who are planning a wedding this year, most would’ve already found their auspicious wedding dates and would be in the midst of their preparations to host their happy occasion. For those who are planning to get married in 2010, it’s... Continue Reading →

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