Wedding Budgets

Plan for the Reception When Considering Your Wedding Budget A typical wedding with fifty guests can cost about $15,000 and that when it has been budgeted. Fifty percent of your wedding costs will be invested in the reception. Receptions are where the couple cut their cake, take their first dance and generally celebrate their nuptials.... Continue Reading →


Where to Find Bridesmaids’ Dresses for a Fall Wedding

Pulling together resources for a wedding takes a lot of coordination. If your wedding is set for the fall, you may be wondering how you can go about locating bridesmaids’ dresses that reflect the time of year. Actually, there are several good places to check out. Here are a few suggestions of where you can... Continue Reading →

How to Select Fall Wedding Attire

The great thing about a fall wedding is that you can take advantage of the rich harvest of colors that can only be found during those autumn months. Here are some ideas on how to translate those warm colors into proper attire for your wedding. Perhaps the easiest place to pick up fall colors will... Continue Reading →

How can I do my wedding planning on a budget?

Planning A Simple Wedding * Purchase dress, headpiece, shoes and accessories. By the six month mark, you should have purchased the major components of your bridal ensemble. * Start your weight maintenance program...after all, now that you´ve bought the dress, you have to fit into it. A regular "maintenance" program will also work wonders to... Continue Reading →

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