The timeline for the chinese wedding begins with…

1. Announcement There’s always someone to tell! Who shall hear it first? Your best friends or your Mum? To your Mum, THIS is the official start of timeline for the chinese wedding… 2. Selection of auspicious dates Auspicious dates are required for the chinese wedding, the betrothal and installation of the bridal bed. 3. Book... Continue Reading →


Chinese wedding shoes customs

don’t take off your wedding shoes to enter the homes! Traditionally chinese wedding shoes were usually red or pink with embroidery of double joy [双喜], peony [牡丹] or other auspicious flowers. As shoes [鞋] “xie” sounds like harmony [偕] in mandarin and are of a pair [一双一对] they became an important icon in chinese weddings.... Continue Reading →

Deliver the chinese dowry 送嫁妆

Deliver the chinese dowry 送嫁妆 The chinese dowry may be delivered with the return gifts on the day of betrothal or delivered a few days before the wedding. Some people have the impression that chinese weddings are expensive affair for the groom’s parents since they have to pay for the betrothal gifts, bride price and... Continue Reading →

Bride's home visit 三朝回门

Traditionally the bride’s home visit is three days after the chinese wedding ceremony. For efficiency, modern chinese wedding usually compressed all the necessary events into a single day. One costume change equals three days! After the tea ceremony at the groom's family home, the bride will change out of her western style wedding gown. This... Continue Reading →

Traditional chinese wedding ceremony

Heaven and earth shall witness your marriage. The three prayers of the traditional chinese wedding ceremony contained elements of Taoism. The chinese were mainly Taoists or ancestor worshipers before foreign religions such as Christianity, Muslim or Buddhism entered ancient China. Taoists believed in the power of heaven and earth to witness important events on earth.... Continue Reading →

Enter the groom's home

under his brother's pants! Before the bride enter the groom's home, the groom's family and friends will hide in the house to avoid clashing of luck. When the bride has entered the bridal room, the family and friends will return to the family hall. Even if the newly married couple is not staying with the... Continue Reading →

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