Chinese Style Wedding Favor – Tea Coins Set with Personalized tag

For brides and grooms looking to give their guests something unique by  which to remember the happy occasion, our Wedding Tea Collection is a  terrific way to say thank you for sharing in our special day.. Our Personalized Tea Coin are made of high quality Puer Tea, packed with gift bag and personalized tag. You can customize the tea coin set with your names and date printed onto the tag.
Next to water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Our  tastefully designed, personalized tea coins present an idea that’s right   in sync with current consumer tastes and gives bridal couples a new  alternative to traditional wedding favors! Specifications:

  • Tea: Puer tea
  • Tea Coin Size: Around 2.5cm diameter * 1cm thick
  • Gift Bag: Around 8 x 10cm (can contain 2-4 tea coins)
  • Personalized Tag: Diamond – 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″(around 4.3cm x 4.3cm), Circle – 1 3/4″ diameter(around 4.3cm diameter) and Heart – 1 3/4″ x 1 2/5″ (around 4.3cm x 3.6cm). Please click here to select the tag style
  • Packaging: Own assemble is required

Payment & Delivery: Delivery Method: DHL, UPS, Fedex & EMS Payment Method: Bank Transfer or Paypal *Total  (Products + Delivery Cost) will be calculated and sent to you for payment.

Production time: 3-5 weeks *If time is a critical issue, order earlier and tell us the Exact Date you want to receive it.


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